Training Top Talent: Addressing the Skills Gap in the Modern Workforce

January 17, 2019 / GuidesFor Team

A global, high-tech business world calls for a new crop of skilled workers. In the knowledge economy, top talent is a company’s greatest asset. This is why more and more organizations are investing resources on acquiring, growing, and retaining talent. According to Forbes, a report from the National Governors Association showed that business leaders are “worried about ‘a skills crisis’ fueled by a scarcity of workers equipped to fill the high-skilled jobs of tomorrow.” To address this need, businesses need a strategy to not only identify the best workers for their industry, but develop them as demands of the market consistently change. New solutions have emerged to make training and development more accessible. Read on to find out how different industries are using technology to address the skills gap in various areas of expertise. – Jem Santos

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