The Secrets to Keeping Your Top Talent

January 17, 2019 / GuidesFor Team

In a recent interview with Hunt Scanlon Media, Clark Beecher, co-founder of leading search firm Reagan Beecher Advisors, shared his thoughts on the reason top talent leave their organizations: “The main reason we see top talent leave is stagnation in opportunity and reward. The reality is if you are not growing, you are dying.” Often, we see that at the core of the talent retention issue, is a management issue. Failure to protect and grow elite talent can cause organizations to lose their very best. While there are, in fact, monetary factors that come into play, a Harvard Business Review article argues that the solutions can be easier than we think. Read on to discover the simple ways we can manage and retain our top talent. – Jem Santos

Read the source article at Harvard Business Review

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