Can Technology Help Retain Top Talent?

January 17, 2019 / GuidesFor Team

An article from Hunt Scanlon Media reviews the results of a recent study conducted by Russell Reynolds Associates on CEO tenure and turnover rates of the S&P 500. Data showed that “across these 500 companies, there were 688 CEO transitions over the 12 years, with 40 percent of the organizations experiencing two or more CEO transitions.” One of the notable findings in the study was the average tenure of departing CEOs–among external appointments: 17.2 percent had left within only three years, and 11 percent in two years. Without proper succession planning, transitions in leadership–major or not–can cripple organizations. Businesses need a strategy to mitigate the risks of being blindsided by sudden departures. The following article looks into innovations in the tech space, and how tech can contribute to efforts in retaining top talent. – Jem Santos

Read the source article at HR Technologist

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