Why Workplace Culture Matters Above All

January 7, 2019 / GuidesFor Team

Based on thousands of surveys conducted in the past decade, consulting firm Energage has found that companies with the highest scores on “Top Workplaces” studies had engagement levels above 85 percent. A healthy workplace culture, they concluded, can double the employee engagement rate. As The Salt Lake Tribune reports: “Strong cultures become self-sustaining: They attract like-minded people who will thrive in that environment.”

While workplace cultures can vary depending on a company’s core values, there are non-negotiables that matter to top talent in today’s knowledge economy. In an age where information can easily be shared anywhere, anytime, opinions matter and respect becomes key to a healthy work environment. The following article from Entrepreneur.com explores the various ways how respect and emotional safety in company culture can impact talent retention. – Jem Santos


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