Tips On Improving Talent Management Through Speed Hiring

September 6, 2018 / GuidesFor Team

Hiring slow can cause high cost of loss of revenues. ERE points out the ways on how to speed up the hiring process. If key positions are left unoccupied or vacant for a long period of time, then there will be a loss of revenues. People who handle the additional load might resort to employee turnover. Hiring managers should be educated on the relationship between speed in hiring and hire quality.

Employers should understand where the roadblocks are. These obstacles should be minimalized in order to speed up the hiring process. It has been observed that a slow decision maker can be one of the roadblocks. Hiring managers, again, should be reminded of this obstacle.

One of the highlights of the article is in establishing service level agreements. This sets measurable roles, deadlines, and expectations in the hiring process. ~~ Lornajane Altura


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